Patient Recruitment Accelerator

What We Do

As the commercial arm of the European Cancer Network, daCRO provides rapid or accelerated oncology patient recruitment services for Pharma-sponsored clinical trials in the EU and UK

can provide you with a complete dedicated patient recruitment service.

can work with you as a patient accelerator for poorly recruiting studies in Europe.

provides consulting services around feasibility, clinical trial / protocol design, and cancer network navigation.

What We Can Offer

  • Fast feasibility assessment providing European-wide response of investigator interest and patient recruitment capability within 3-4 weeks.
  • Fast investigator/patient recruitment and retention via Network competitive investigator/site recruitment.
  • Single contract within Network to reduce time to negotiate and establish research agreements, which simplifies contractual arrangement for study.
  • We monitor screening/recruitment to target at individual clinical trial sites and ensure target recruitment is met within the specified time lines of the clinical trial protocol.

How We Do It

daCRO acts as the EU gateway for patient recruitment to new cancer drug development in Europe.

We use the entire Cancer Network to provide patient access that's never been done before by operating a competitive recruitment program for oncology patients that are vital to clinical trial success.

We use the knowledge and experience of
our Network to provide sites who:

Have experience to run the planned study.


Have local, certified laboratory facility capable of performing all exams described in the protocol.


See sufficient patients who meet eligibility criteria.


Are able to enrol patients on time.


Have no current/planned research studies with the same target population that would compete.

The aim is to improve patient access to Pharma commercial trials and to help companies shorten their drug development time.