Patient Recruitment Accelerator

Rescue of Global phase II study

The Global Clinical Development Group of a large Pharmaceutical Company asked for help with European patient recruitment/retention to their Global Phase II Study.

Their study was suffering from a significant lack of patient recruitment in Europe and those patients who were being recruited were not being retained - only 18 out of the 100 European patients had been recruited.

The Company was preparing for the trial recruitment to be stopped in Europe and moved elsewhere with a subsequent major delay in trial completion.

daCRO was asked investigate cause.

Results of daCRO Investigation
  • Poor understanding of patient recruitment / retention practices by local CRAs.
  • Poor understanding of the Trial Master File by actual investigators/nurses at site.
  • Investigators and research nurses were disillusioned.
daCRO Suggestions
  • We suggested that the Company organise another Investigator Meeting in Europe with actual investigators/research nurses and not just the PIs.
  • Include daCRO Network as a partner for the meeting.
daCRO Actions
  • We presented at Investigator Meeting to explain Company/CRO/Network agreement to encourage patient recruitment.
  • We organised special patient recruitment & retention training sessions at problem sites involving the CRA and the actual physicians and research nurses who were driving the delivery of the trial at the site.

By acting as a patient recruitment accelerator we enabled CRO to achieve targeted patient enrolment in Europe within 6 months.

“ The use of academic networks and the way they helped us and our CRO to achieve patient enrolment has led me to re-assess how I operate ”